Herne Hill Free Film Festival

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Free films for all to watch, just bring a seat (or a rug or a cushion). And most definitely a torch for Brockwell Park.

If you like what you see - or have ideas for next year - please fill in this quick survey online http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VMLG6X5 (ta very much)

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Friday 19th April. Railton Road. Films are: Easy Street (Charlie Chaplin) & Sherlock Junior (Buster Keaton)

The first Herne Hill free film festival kicks off with a Keaton and Chaplin silent movie double bill beamed onto the front of Herne Hill station, accompanied by internationally renowned silent movie pianist Neil Brand.


Saturday 4th May. Brockwell Lido, 8.00pm Muriel's Wedding

Brockwell Lido gets the Australian comedy classic Muriel’s Wedding on Sat 4 May, screened across the pool (with full-on Abba sing-along optional).


Sunday 5th May. Prince Regent Pub, Dulwich Road, 6.30pm.Chester to London: 5Km/hour plus directors' Q&A by     Azzurra Muzzonigro & Daniele Zacchi and Home Sweet Home by Enrica Colusso.

Saturday 11th May. Half Moon Pub, Half Moon Lane, 8.00pm. The British premiere of The Night of the Taranta (La Notte Della Taranta e Dintorni), a documentary celebrating the vibrant folk traditions of Puglia in Italy.

Saturday 18th May. Brockwell Park, by the White Temple and Walled Garden, 8.30pm. Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli)

History will be made in Brockwell Park with the first ever full-length outdoor screening of a film in its grounds. Spirited Away, arguably the most important Japanese animated film made by Studio Ghibli, will be the 'jewel in the crown' of the Herne Hill free film festival 2013 programme.


Sunday 19th May. Prince Regent Pub, Dulwich Road, 6.30pm. Inside Out by Flaminia Graziadei and The True Legend of Tony Vilar by Giuseppe Gagliardi. 

Saturday 25 May. Half Moon Pub, Half Moon Lane, 8.00pm. Screening of 48 hour film competition entrants.

Saturday 1st June. Railton Road. Eat Drink Man Woman (Ang Lee).

The Herne Hill free film festival will culminate on Sat 1 June with a street food festival in Station Square and a screening of Eat, Drink, Man, Woman a Hong Kong film about love, sex and food, directed by Ang Lee.


The Herne Hill free film festival is supported by Film London through National Lottery funding on behalf of the BFI. 


Make a Film in 48 Hours

1st May Bank Holiday, Sat 4 May & Monday 6 May

As part of the Free Film Festival there will be a special 48 hour Film making competition:

A prop, a line of dialogue, a Herne Hill location – make a film in 48 hours!

A competition for filmmakers will be run as part of the 2013 Herne Hill free film festival. On the first May Bank Holiday, entrants will be asked to arrive at the Prince Regent pub, Dulwich Road, SE24 0NJ between 11am-12pm (under 18s) and 12-1pm (over 18s) on Sat 4 May where they will be given a prop, a line of dialogue and a Herne Hill location.

Entrants must go away and make a short film of less than 3 minutes incorporating all three items - in just 48 hours. They will be asked to return to the Prince Regent between 11am-12pm (under 18s) and 12-1pm (over 18s) on Monday 6 May where they can submit their film to the competition organisers.

There is no age restriction, no previous experience is necessary and films can be made on anything from professional equipment to camera phones. The only stipulation is the finished article must be submitted via USB stick or DVD and be of a PG rating (no gratuitous violence, sex or swearing – though a bit is OK).

The film entries will be judged by a panel of eminent specialists in the field and a shortlist of the best films will be shown the following May Bank Holiday [venue & time tbc]. The winners and runners up for the two categories, under 18s and over 18s, will be announced and prizes given. The overall winner of the Herne Hill 48 Film Competition will be shown at the film festival’s closing event on Sat 1 June and will receive full postproduction treatment at a leading studio in Soho. There will also be a show reel of all entrants so every film can be seen.

Follow the Herne Hill 48 hour film on twitter @hhfff48

The Herne Hill Free Film Festival 48 hour film competition runs from midday May 4 to midday May 6 2013

All entries will be uploaded 0n www.vimeo.com video hosting



1. The Herne Hill Free Film Festival 48 Hour Film Challenge (HHFFF 48) is open to all filmmakers and/or creative people Participant's Agreement for them.

2. One member of the participating team must sign our Participant's Agreement for them to be eligible for the final competition. The signed form should be enclosed with the finished movie.

3. By entering the Challenge, the Entrant agrees to abide by all provisions in these rules and accept the decisions of HHFFF 48 and the judges as final and binding in all respects. HHFFF 48 reserves the right to disqualify any Entrant who fails to comply with the Rules, at its sole discretion.

4. All teams MUST have a team name, which HHFFF 48 uses for identification.

5. There is NO fee or charge for entering the Challenge and ALL costs for production and submission must be born by the Team

6. There is NO fee paid to the teams in any respect for the film entered neither in part or full use of the film.

7. The Challenge is to write, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours based on the criteria presented to the teams at the briefing 

8. Only one member of the team is required to attend the briefing where they will be given a line of famous film dialogue,a prop and an Herne Hill location. All 3 elements have to appear in the finished film have to appear in the team's final movie.

9. The 48 hours begins from when all teams have their brief at The Prince Regent Herne Hill around Noon on May 4th .All the creative work must take part in that time period. The only pre-production permissible is the organising of cast and crew (the Team) and securing equipment.

Bear in mind that there are laws and regulations regarding filming in public locations and places that might be considered public. HHFFF 48 will take out a blanket agreement with Lambeth and Southwark to cover the event . Please be respectful of the people around you during filming . Don’t block pathways or rights of way and keep disturbance to a minimum

10. No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time should be used. Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the 48 hour time period. Still photographs are permitted, provided that the team has the rights to them. 


11. Music used should be original and, where possible, created specifically for the movie during the challenge. Pre-recorded music, including royalty-free and library music, must be accompanied by the relevant signed clearance, or proof you have the rights to use it. Music created with loops in programmes such as GarageBand or Soundtrack is acceptable. The same rules apply to sound effects.

12. The film must not contain any crime recreation or use of fake weapons that is likely to cause distress to members of the public.

13. Overall content of the movie, beyond that specified at the Launch, is at the discretion of the participating teams. The organisers reserve the right to not screen any film that can be considered pornographic, or that depicts hardcore or graphic sex, or any material that would attract an 18 certificate

14. The finished film must be a maximum of three (3) minutes.Credits at the beginning and end of each film should total no more than 30 seconds and make up part of the overall running time

15. The film is to be delivered on DVD or USB stick

16. The start of the film MUST have:
a.5 seconds of black
b.Title card with: team name, LOCATION/PROP/DIALOGUE that you were given
c. 2 seconds of black.

17. The movie can be shot on any media or in any format but the finished film has to be delivered in the formats specified above.

18.Each entry has to be accompanied by the signed Participant's Agreement form. Films that arrive after the cut-off time will not be eligible for the competition.

19. The judges' decision is final.

20 There will be one winner for Under 16 and one for Over 16 and one overall winner

21. By submitting your film The Herne Hill Free Film Festival 48 Hour Film Challenge (HHFFF 48) you give permission for the film to be hosted on the HHFFF48 Vimeo site and also be shown during the festival.


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