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If you enjoy watching films then a film club is a great way to see them with similar-minded people.  And then afterwards, to have a sociable discussion about your views on the film: what you thought of the characters, the script, the cinematography, the acting and anything else that struck you as you watched it.  It can be really interesting to find out what others thought - and often people spot things you missed, or have a different perspective or understanding about the film.

What a film club is less about is just watching films you'd see anyway - as we take it in turns to choose the film, it's also about stretching yourself a little and seeing things you may not choose yourself.  You never know, you may surprise yourself and find a new genre or director that you love.

With the Herne Hill Film Club we meet once a month on either a Wednesday or Sunday evening (on a date agreed at the previous meeting) at the Ritzy for an early evening showing.  Afterwards we adjourn to the Kaff Bar iat 64 Atlantic Road for a friendly chat.  It's handy if you can either email Susan at susanp@loudmouthpr.co.uk or post on the group page to let us know if you're coming so we can look out for you and book a big enough space at the Kaff Bar to meet up in.

Make sure you sign up to receive any posts from the group, or come back and visit us now and then to see what we're watching next and what we thought of the previous film.

We'd love to see you!


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