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Green Scooter Thoughts

An interesting take on the familiar Scooter. Designed by a young British chap based in London. It´s electric and, unusually for this type of transport, has a removeable Lithium battery. No need for charging leads stretching outside to the pavement!

It has a top speed (restricted) of 30mph and can carry two batteries which gives it a total distance covered of 44 miles before recharge. Crucially, the batteries can be charged in 1 hour. Remarkable! Charge it on green electricity and off you go, carbon neutral zero emission transport. No road tax, no congestion charge, minimal insurance and maintenance. It´s called the Econogo Yogo. Doesn´t half look too bad either. Umm, now I wonder if I´ve been good enough for Father Christmas to bring me one this year - for those longer journeys across the city.

Merry Christmas Herne Hill!

Re: Green Scooter Thoughts

Lovely looking machine

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