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Great local architect

Just wanted to recommend a great local architect Keith Whitworth who recently oversaw a big extension and remodelling job on my property. From initial design to liaising with Lambeth planning, recommending builders and see the job through to finish Keith was excellent. Website and contact details

Local architect

I thought I should endorse Keith Whitworth on this site. We thought that our plan to add a couple more windows within the style of the house would be a straight forward job. However we live in a conservation zone and while planning was relatively staight forward Lambeth heritage tried its best to stop it. Some of their reasonning included 'there were no windows there in 1874 so why should there be any now', or the insistence to install 'aged iron lattice' because that may have been there at some stage without providing any evidence. Anyway he managed to steer our built clearly through a lot of pitfalls. Without his input and management and ability to find a way around the increasingly bizarre obstacles put forward by heritge I would have given up.

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Hi - another recommendation

Hi - another recommendation for Keith from me. He really helped with our side return and loft extension.

He did the drawings, helped obtains some quotes, supervised build and liaised with folks from building regs, structural engineers etc. Stuck to his fees and went above and beyond in terms of time and effort.

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