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Gardening Service

A very happy new gardening year everyone. Get the best out of your garden this year by starting early.

I know its a bit nippy momentarily, but here's some of the work you can be doing now (or I can help you with. Strike now while plants are mostly dormant and whilst gardeners are in their quieter period) -

Cutting back: any herbaceous perennials from last year
Pruning: rambling roses, apple/pear trees, Boston Ivy/Virginia Creeper and wisteria (at the end of January.
Tidy: lawns/patios/paths of leaves, tree debris etc.
Digging: flower/vegetable beds (improves the soil.)
Lawns - repair bumps/hollows - give a light trim if too long (not when very cold/freezing.) Winter feed.
Planting - Deciduous hedging/trees or moving them
Fixing: Fences, pergola's etc whilst vegetation is dormant.

If you need gardening help contact: Paul Lupton Garden Services (Qualified in Horticulture and Arboriculture)
Tel 07833117241 or reply to this message on this forum. 

Paul Lupton Garden Services has been working locally in Herne Hill and Dulwich for several years.