Gardeners who are clever with fixing things up !

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Gardeners who are clever with fixing things up !

I have a pvc / aluminium lean-to, now disassembled, which when assembled looks like this : (except I haven't managed to put the pic the right way up) Anyway, I have the panels, doors, fixings etc and no doubt some clever clogs could put it together to have a useful second life on an allotment / in a garden, whatevs. It needs to go against a wall / fence.  I would be happy if it could go go to a new home, otherwise it will have to be the tip :( Collection only please. Many thanks ! GiGi

What's Up contact from Giles ?

I apparently have a message from Giles about this but I cannot see it / find it in either the 'What's Up' folder or messges in my account ? Giles - if you read this could you please try again ?! perhaps not via the What's Up thing. Yes I am more than happy for you to have a look ! GiGi 

Hi, if you reply to my direct

Hi, if you reply to my direct message I will receive it. Would loive to come and have a look.



Hi Giles

Still can't see your message Giles, maybe it's a website issue ?! (I am quite computer literate, so I don't get it !)  

I sent you a message with my mobile no just now. Cheers. GiGi

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