Herne Hill Projects

This is the project to promote all that is great in Herne Hill. Local design outfit placeinprint have been commissioned to design a range of banners to attach to lampposts in the area.

Tell us what you think of the designs?

Credits: Jose Gomez
Sweet Carolina biscuit decorating
Local vampire
Family fun for all
Gooey lucky dip
Yucky lucky dip
Every popular Sweet Carolina and her biscuits
Herne Hill dinosaurs
One happy cowgirl with her Sweet Carolina biscuit
Who has the loudest roar?!
The Illusioneer
Now you see it, now you don't
The Illusioneer and his captivated crowd
Disco dancing with Trev the DJ
Frighteningly fantastic moves
Trev the DJ
A full square on Halloween
Spooky house at the Florence
What's left of the last manager at the Florence
Wendy the Witch
Wendy the Witch
Best canine costume
One serious pumpkin
Wendy the Witch
Credits: www.portrayedphotography.co.uk
Credits: Anne at Fision Fitness
Credits: www.portrayedphotography.co.uk
Making wildflower seed bombs with Bumble Box and Home Cooking SE24
Making wildflower seed bombs with Bumble Box and Home Cooking SE24
Watch for the seed bombs to start appearing in tree pits near you!
A little guerrilla gardening atop the shack.
Working wonders with the tree pits in the square
Nothing like a bit of digging on a nearly fine Saturday morning
Getting stuck into the seed bombs with Bumble Box & Home Cooking SE24
Let's keep the cigarette butts out of our lovely flower boxes
Did you ever wonder who keeps our bulletin boards so tidy and up to date?
Some jobs required more physical labour than others
Armed and ready to fire the seed bombs
An amazing new helper from Clapham way
It may look like a bare tree pit but watch this space...
A couple of out-of-towners get involved
Constant activity at the seed bomb table
Please help keep the square looking it's best
With a little more sunshine and rain the square will be flourishing
Seed bombing is not just for the kids
A couple of familiar faces
Never too young to develop a green thumb
Hope our keenest helper returns to check out the progress
Now keeping our pavements tidy
The bees were buzzing along with Bumble Box
Lovely to see so many getting in the action
More familiar faces no doubt reflecting on a great event!
Watch this spot for more wildflowers
Fun for the whole family
Time to have a go after watching the others
Compost, clay, seeds and a dash of chilli...
A full house with Bumble Box and Home Cooking SE24 - thanks for putting on a great activity!
Credits: www.portrayedphotography.co.uk
Credits: Photographer unknown - supplied by B. Freddi
Credits: www.portrayedphotography.co.uk
Credits: www.portrayedphotography.co.uk
Scallop shucking with The Portland Scallop Co
Cooking and sampling with The Portland Scallop Co
Mackerel filleting with The Portland Scallop Co
The Portland Scallop Co demonstration
Musician/songwriter Martin Duggan
The amazing Rosendale School steel band
The amazing Rosendale School steel band
The amazing Rosendale School steel band
Herne Hill's Town Crier
Herne Hill's Town Crier and her assistants for the day
May pole
Defibrillator demonstration and trial with London Ambulance and the Health Hub
Blues duo Alan Glen & Steve Morrison
Blues duo Alan Glen & Steve Morrison
Blues duo Alan Glen & Steve Morrison
Credits: www.portrayedphotography.co.uk
Brockwell Park
Street Piano
Ruskin Park
Miniature Railway
Film Festival
Sunday Market
Sunray Gardens
Great Connections
Brockwell Hall
Thriving Community
Carnegie Library
South London Botanical Institute
Historic Pubs
Station Square
Independent traders
Half Moon Lane
Credits: Place in Print (www.placeinprint.com)

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