Free help so you can stick to your new year's resolution!

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Alexis - Participle
Free help so you can stick to your new year's resolution!
Participle is a local social enterprise that develops and launches successful new ventures that have an impact on society's biggest issues.  This year we're launching a new way to help people raise their health and wellbeing - and we'd like to invite you, your family, and your friends to take part in this exciting new service.
The science of sticking
The Stick Tactic is an online app and community that boosts your willpower and helps you stick to your goals. It uses the latest behaviour change research and the power of peer support to give you the best possible chance of embedding habits that last and improving your health and wellness.
This January
78% of New Year's resolutions fail - and we want to change that for you, your family, and your friends in 2013. In January hundreds of people will join us in using The Stick Tactic to build their willpower and stick to their New Years resolutions. We know that people who keep something up for longer than 13 weeks are more likely to carry on doing it in the long term - and that is the challenge we're setting. We want to prove this and ask you and your friends to take the challenge. Sign up for The Stick Tactic here.
Join us now
We have the tools, the science and the community to make it happen. All you need to do to take part is to sign up, invite friends and colleagues to join your group, share what each of you wants to stick to, and get started. The Stick Tactic shows you how your group's willpower increases over time. 
The Stick Tactic is the first of a series of Tactics designed to help people overcome the things they typically struggle with when making lifestyle changes to improve health and wellbeing. Tactics are a key part of Wellogram, our new wellness service. Wellogram is open to anyone who wants to improve an aspect of their health, whether that is to have more energy, get better sleep, manage stress, get fit or eat well.
Throughout December we are offering everyone the opportunity join The Stick Tactic and other Wellogram services for FREE.  We encourage you to sign up and start feeling better in 2013!