Found short-haired tabby/tortoiseshell female cat

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Found short-haired tabby/tortoiseshell female cat

Hello All

Have you lost your cat?  We found a worried-looking tabby/tortoiseshell cat in our garden near Croxted Road / Turney Road on 31 July.

She has a folded-over ear, perhaps was in a fight or an accident.  She likes to talk, and it seems very hungry so we've been feeding her and she seems to be a bit calmer than when we first found her.

If she's yours please get in touch through the forum.

found cat 2017-07-31 found cat 2017-07-31

Kind regards,


C Queree
Lost Tabby Cat

Hi Jonathan,

That's our cat, Mia! Thank you so much for getting in touch and for feeding her.  We can get her this evening or tomorrow if she's still with you..? Let me know when is convenient.

Many thanks, 


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