Families objecting to large festivals in Brockwell Park

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Families objecting to large festivals in Brockwell Park

Hello all.  A group of local residents has got together to start a campaign to push Lambeth into taking a more proportionate and sustainable approach to events in Brockwell Park.  We are particularly concerned that what Lambeth is proposing for 2018 will shut the Park down for families at the height of the summer, including the half term holidays.

We aren't trying to stop all events, or prevent music in the Park, but we want Lambeth to recognise the scale of what is proposed for 2018 is too large and shuts the park down for locals.  Field Day and Lovebox are both under consideration.  These will fence in an area the size of the Lambeth Country Show, there will be 40,000 gig-goers a day and the set up and take down time will be three weeks for each.  They will happen at the height of the summer and span the summer half term.

To find out more about the local campaign visit the website


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