'We Are The Forest' Mindfulness Workshop

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*We Are The Forest* workshop is an inner journey which includes mindful walking, visualization, grounding exercises, organic dance elements, basics of yoga and relaxation. It is a journey where we flow with natural movement to reconnect to our roots and to each other. We start our journey by planting the seed and just like a plant or a child we grow at our very own pace. We salute our ground, we claim our ground and continuously grow until we reach our full potential. We become aware of the part we play in the creation process. We are not alone, there are many of us, ancient trees. We hug. We feel. We breath. All together. 

*We Are The Forest*We Are The Tree*We Have The Power*Within*See*

Investment: £5

May 18 2015 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Contact telephone: 
0751 40 92 951