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Upholsterers United are a local community of upholsterers who aim to revive the dying art of traditional upholstery but in exciting contemporary styles.  In our throw away society people do not realise how their existing household furniture can be rejuvenated. Cheap furniture is available on the net and in stores like IKEA. But it is usually made of materials which are damaging to the environment, such as plastic and foam, and built by workers who are grossly under paid.


Traditional upholstery is relatively expensive because natural materials such as horse hair and coir are used and because the process is time consuming. But the results will last a life time and can be exquisitely beautiful.


Some of the group are enthusiastic amateurs and make things for themselves and friends and family.  But many of the group are established or establishing professionals who want to be able to spread the word, and keep the old ways alive and still have a viable business.


Ultimately, however worthy, people are not going to spend money if they do not like the product.  Some of the work  produced is really beautiful, not just useful and necessary furniture but real craft if not art.

This event shows what upholsterers can achieve using traditional techniques but producing exciting contemporary styles.

Sep 29 2019 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
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