Silver Tuesday at Brockwell Park

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 Silver Tuesdays are fun & fitness sessions designed for over 45s. They are suited for all fitness levels, whether you have never exercised before or are already a regular exerciser. We have a variety of activities on offer so that everyone finds something they enjoy with the added benefit of meeting new friends and socialising with like minded people all from just £1 a session! The founder is one of Britain’s oldest triathletes Eddie Brocklesby who aim to promote healthy ageing and a stronger and happier older population. The sessions merge both the social and fitness elements in these weekly events which have been so successful that Mayor Boris Johnson has supported their work. Sessions are every Tuesday at 2pm at Lucio's Cafe in Brockwell Park Hall.


Facebook: silverfircharity

Tel: 07721 419 518

Mar 31 2015 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Contact telephone: 
07721 419 518
Available facilities: 
Wheelchair accessible