Real Dialogue: an evening with John O'Donohue

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John O’Donohue was the genius mystic/poet who poured out wonderful thoughts and visions through the 1990s until his death in 2008.  You can check him out on this link:

We shall listen to John speaking a short extract from his book: Beauty: the invisible embrace - and find out how this may inspire us for the next 75 minutes or so.

“We often wonder why our hearts are so empty. And it's because our hearing has become so dull. We no longer seem to be able to go to the deeper octaves where we can hear the whispers of the eternal, calling us to the places where the true nourishment awaits us. I often think that for the mystical life, that if you could really have stillness and a deep quality of silence, you'd need no gurus, no books, or need to make no long journeys. Right there where you'd be, you'd receive everything that you need...

“I know people living up the mountains who couldn't spell the work 'spirituality' for you - and yet they've made the whole journey and with no second-hand maps or direction from anybody...

“So true listening, the ability to really hear, balances your life and anchors you on sure ground.”

Jul 11 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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