Public Speaking for Visual Learners

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Do you have a fear of public speaking?

Maybe you wonder how to structure a speech?

How do you engage your audience?

In this public speaking workshop, led by Trevor Henderson from Presenting with Dyslexia, you will discover simple, proven visual systems to creating, rehearsing and delivering a speech while overcoming your fears.

Working in small groups, you will use visual systems and strategies to develop and deliver an engaging presentation.

You will take away a practical and versatile visual framework.

This course is aimed at visual learners who prefer images to words. This course is ideal for students in higher education and business professionals who will deliver speeches and presentations.

Tickets cost £40.

Bursary tickets are available - please email for more information.

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About the workshop leader

Trevor Henderson is a Public Speaker and former IT Consultant but for years he struggled to understand written instructions. He found that turning course notes and documentation into geometric shapes and images made the information more ordered and meaningful.

Then Trevor discovered something quite remarkable; in a session with one of his public speaking mentees, his unusual diagrams struck a chord. It turned out others could follow the 3 Step Speaker System he had created.

Trevor now coaches people with dyslexia on how public speaking can be their superpower using his 3SSS. He shows how the 3SSS system can be used to craft, recall and deliver speeches and overcome the fear of public speaking.

Apr 14 2019 - 2:00pm to 5:30pm
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