JOM Junior Open Mic

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Free, parent-organised Junior Open Mic using Off The Cuff's main stage and sound engineer. Incredible accoustics. To perform, just turn up at 1.45pm, register and get up on stage! Younger performers get a Certificate of Bravery. All performers get a free drinks token.

The JOMs have grown to become the largest Junior Open Mic in London. Up to 36 performers per session utilising an impressive array of accoustic equipment. Vocal and instrumental mics, fully mic'd up drum kit. Full size Roland keyboard, electric and acoustic guitar amps, monitor speakers, mixing desk with broadcast quality sound. Any performance is welcome and appreciated. Share a few riff's, a poem or form a band and get your first live gig!

The JOM's are all about encouraging performance for young people – arming them later in life with the confidence to present themselves artistically or in business. For beginner performers there are free pre-JOM performance slots available from 1-2pm where we clear the room of an audience so each child or group of children can experience performing on stage in privacy. These must be pre-arranged as space is limited. Contact

Jun 23 2019 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm
Available facilities: