Hack (y)our Borders

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Want to learn how to develop creative activities that bring people together, from blowing bubbles, magic pianos or tetris planters?

Want to learn how to make urban furniture that can be used and repurposed for people to use in exciting ways, in public spaces?

Sign up now at http://bit.ly/urbanprototype for our public space making weekend on Saturday 13 June - Sunday 14 June - 11-5pm

We almost forgot, there's going to be free lunch and refreshments! 

The first 20 people who sign up will get lunch vouchers! Limited places available, so sign up now!

On Saturday you'll be able to discover how people are developing exciting ways to bring different people together in public spaces. You'll also be able to learn how to design & make urban furniture that can transform unloved public spaces.

Whether you're never made furniture or you're an avid maker, the only skill you'll need is curiosity to learn and experiment with others!

The furniture you help design and make will be used in the neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Warsaw, our Transeuropa Festival and...maybe even where you live. See 

On Sunday, we'll continue making the furniture and coming up with ideas for developing activities that get people to use (and repurpose!) the furniture you've made in exciting ways...even that weekend!

Based in Herne Hill throughout the weekend in between Brockwell Park, Herne Hill Station and the Farmer's Market, we'll be in an ideal space to attract people to use the furniture!

This event is supported by the European Cultural Foundation as part of the Idea Camp programme and Transnational Dialogues and is being run by European Alternatives, radarq and Laimikis. 

Sign up now at http://bit.ly/urbanprototype