Gorgeous Guitars in the Herne Hill Music Festival

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Mario Bakuna

Mario is a Brazilian composer and guitar player whose development has been stimulated by the music of the greats of Jazz and Bossa Nova. In recent years he has focussed on reinterpretations of Samba Jazz - a music genre that emerged in Rio de Janeiro in the 50s with musicians like Luiz Eça, Tamba Trio, Edson Machado, and the more sophisticated harmonies found in this repertoire.

Steve Morrison

Steve was brought up in London and began playing guitar at an age too early to remember. His thumb is the powerhouse behind the rhythm that drives his music. His ability to hold the bass-line and chords, while adding melody lines that sing, make his guitar playing complete. Steve Morrison blends the sweet slide-guitar of Ry Cooder with the driving rhythms of John Lee Hooker to bring a powerful and unique sound to the blues.

Gypsy Butter

Ruben & Giorgio - guitarists from Gypsy Butter will play gypsy jazz, flamenco and more.

Tickets from the Herne Hill Music Festival: http://hernehillfestival.org

Oct 13 2015 - 8:00pm to 10:30pm