Chair (mostly!)/Accessible Yoga

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The class is offered by Terry, a retired psychotherapist who came to yoga fairly late in life and has been teaching for about 15 years.  Her main experience is in teaching older bodies; she has also taught chair yoga for people who have had strokes.  Recently she has done training in what is called 'Accessible Yoga', and is keen to make this more available to people who feel they don't fit into the usual classes.  Her intention is to tailor the class to suit whoever presents - please contact her by phone before coming so she can be aware of what you might need.  There are lots of good props at YogaPoint to support your practice.  The atmosphere is welcoming, the pace of the class calm and steady.  Terry teaches a gentle flow that works with the breath to make yoga a meditative experience.  Do come and give it a try!

Jan 31 2019 - 11:30am
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Disabled toilet
Over 18s
Wheelchair accessible