Ayurvedic Deep Tissue Massage Training

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Learn this slow, meditative deep tissue massage originating from Goa in India. The massage uses deep strokes with the fingers, fists, forearms and elbows and incorporates joint rotations and yogic stretches. 

The massage begins with the application of oil with soft strokes to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the deeper work to come.

Unlike Abhyanga only a little oil is used to enable the therapist to use friction to go deeper into the muscles. During the massage the therapist uses their own body to support the receiver, for example the therapist’s leg is used to support the receiver’s leg and the therapists foot is used to hold down the shoulder during the spinal twist.

Emphasis is placed on using our body weight rather than our muscles so that the massage is not as strenuous as it otherwise might be, and so that we can deliver mutiple massages in one day without putting too much strain on our bodies.

For this training course I have also added in some refinements from other modalities, such as hot towels from Abhyanga massage, some palming and pinching techniques through the hot towels from Thai massage and some particularly nice to receive techniques for the arms, hand and feet from Balinese massage.

As well as learning enough massage techniques to be able to give a 2 hour Ayurvedic Deep Tissue massage there will be sessions on:

This 6 day course will be taught over 6 days: 2 weekends and one Sunday at Gong Bodywork's beautiful training studio in Brixton plus an exam day at Thai-vedic massage in East Dulwich.

21st April;
25th & 26th May;
22nd & 23rd June
 + exam day by arrangement


Price includes a full colour training manual with fully illustrated, step by step guidelines for the whole massage

Visit www.thai-vedicmassageschool.co.uk

Gong Bodywork

Gong Bodywork
Tunstall Studios
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Apr 21 2019 - 10:00am to Jun 23 2019 - 5:00pm
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