Error message and some general feedback

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Error message and some general feedback

News filtering by topic - not enabled - Link to "The page you requested does not exist. For your convenience, a search was performed using the query news term 35"

I've tested a few of the senarios and not had problems with any. I did have a problem finding more than one news item to comment on, most artcles do not allow comments, and I'm not sure why? Shouldn't default be that comments are allowed. Also taster on home page states 0 comments, when comments are not allowed, which is slightly misleading.

Could items in results lists be dated?

Great site, easy to use - I loaded an article with picture, commented, added to my profile etc - most of which I've not done before

Re: Error message and some general feedback

Some great feedback. Glad you managed to create an articlenand post stuff, that is good to hear.

Some of your other points:

News filtering by topic - will feed back that error.

Old news ites imported across wil not have any comments on, that feature eas not available readilly before. It will only be for newly created news items. In general the philosophy is to have comments enabled be default. This should encourage the dialogue.

Re: Comments 0 - agreed, it would be nice to not display that if the author had dsiabled comments. On the other hand it does highlight that there are no comments which says something about the author not thinking that comments would be applicable or wanting them.

Re: items is results list being dated. OK, will add that to the "be nice to have" list. Thanks

Lack of responses

it seems that  of the posts do not generate a response. Most have 0 or maybe 1 reply.   Is that because there are many people that view posts but do not participate? The East dulwich forum is heaving, why is this one not also? is it the demographics? Or has the east Dulwich forum been going for much longer?   Its a shame as Herne hill businesses can't advertise in East dulwich, which is weird as they can use Edf for everything else, and you have to pay for advertising anyway .

There are a lot of viewers to

There are a lot of viewers to the posts, many get DM replies. Some spark conversations. EDF has been going slightly longer but this site has a wider range of content including groups and so forth. Different demographic and issues. Some topics create huge comment lists and go on for ages. Others somewhat less so. Be interested to hear more from people as to what they feel is the reason.

Just to give some positive

Just to give some positive input, I know of lots of local businesses that get enquiries and regular work through this forum from their listing.

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