Dog poisoning

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Dog poisoning

Does anyone have an update about the rumour/ news that dogs have died after bein poisoned in Brockwell? I

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In at least one case of a dog

In at least one case of a dog which sadly died, the vets have confirmed they don't think poison was involved. The person who passed on the message asked us to remind people that even seemingly harmless food items can be dangerous to dogs, and they may also get sick from ingesting rotten food left in the park. There isn't any clear view yet from the police, parks officers or the RSPCA that there has been a genuine attempt at poisoning - but please do continue to be vigilant while in the park.

Hi - I’m writing a story on

Hi - I’m writing a story on this for the Evening Standard - if anyone has any information about the dogs affected could you please message me. My phone number is 07481209299. Thank you.

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