Do you care for dogs via Borrow My Doggy?

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Do you care for dogs via Borrow My Doggy?

Dog carers, are you looking after dogs through the Borrow My Doggy website? I'm sorry to share a negative experience but doing so in the hope that others don't go through the same stress and frustration as I have.

I was helping out with a local dog and it has turned into months of wasted time and energy (for me, not the owners, of course) since the dog caused some damage to a laptop. Worth reading the terms of the BMD insurance closely to ensure you are covered in the event of an accident where you may need to claim for money. It is unclear on the website that the insurer only pays out if you can prove you have been negligent. It does not cover accidental damage. And then there is the issue of the £150 excess. Don't expect the dog owner to pay out for that, even if their dog has caused the damage. (Or perhaps like me, they'll offer to cover it and then 3 months down the line, change their minds and expect you to cover half of the cost.)

More detail here on my FB page:

This has been several months of chasing three parties to get this sorted. BMD's response to my post, that they have been working to "quickly" get this sorted, is rather a joke.