Digital, communications, social media, and editing help

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Digital, communications, social media, and editing help
I'm an experienced freelance communications specialist based in the area and I'm keen to help local businesses with their communications needs.
I can help with writing, editing, and social media. See more on my website:
Some of my writing is available on my website and spans editorial (profiles, exhibition p/reviews, book reviews, etc.,) and digital content (Q&As).
It's difficult to make editing compelling on a website so there's not much about it on there but I'm the web editor at Artangel, non-fiction editor for 3 of Cups, the small press I launched, and am currently copy editing for South London Gallery on an archival project.
Social Media:
A few of the social media and digital projects I've worked on are also on my site. The most recent one, for Taryn Simon, is not there yet but will be going out across Artangel's channels between now and the 28th of April.
In short:
I have lots of ideas, I am good with premiere, after effects, and pretty competent when it comes to audition, I'm an extremely thorough researcher, writer, & editor (& quick to boot.) Please get into contact to discuss rates and your project(s).
Best wishes,