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Metis Sec
Cyber Security Advice

Do you know your worms from your phishes?

Are you an independent business in the area?

I am offering one to one sessions on Cyber Security.

Don’t worry you won’t have to buy expensive firewalls the goal of the sessions will be to identify your “crown jewels” and to show you some simple steps on staying safe online.

Metis Sec
Cyber Security Sessions

I’ve received a few messages for more clarification and thought I should update this thread.

So you will have read about cyber-attacks against large companies, Sony, Talk-Talk, Yahoo, presidential elections. All these companies can invest in large cyber security departments but 43% attacks actually target small businesses.

How would your business cope if a crook kicked you out of your PC and would only let you back for money. Or if you had to tell your clients that their bank details might have been stolen. Or your website was not accessible because viruses had been inserted into the pages.

I want to help try and reduce the risk of any of these happening. I’ll take you through some good cyber security practices you can follow, I’ll direct you some free resources, I’ll tell you to follow my Twitter account where I’ll try to simplify and explain new threats.

Initially it will be free service to businesses in my local area. If you want to find out more message me here or on Twitter (@Metis_Sec)

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