Croxted Road Art Studios-Studio Green

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Croxted Road Art Studios-Studio Green

Read This On Google Review Below About Croxted Road Art Studios-Studio Green.

Me & My Friend Are Looking To Approach The Owner To Rent A Space There To Work.

Has Anyone Else Had A Bad Experience With The Owner? 

The Google Review

a week ago
Wish i could give less than one star. A decent space with a lot of potential but run by a conman who probably orchestrated the previous reviews. The “studio curator” lied about how highly in demand the spaces were to get me to pay for 6 months up front along with a hefty membership fee then didn't show up to the studios for the next two weeks meaning i couldn't start setting up and refused to change my start date. There was NO CONTRACT which was promised. it took the “studio curator” 4 months to do an induction with me, i wasn't able to work in the studio for the first two months as the space “wasn’t up to health and safety standards” (i was only told after paying) so i was forced to move a door and a wall of the studio and seal it up using my own time and materials (something i have no experience in). Once i finally sorted out the space and was now over £900 and two months out of pocket i could finally begin working in a archway full of empty studios + me. There is no sense of community as the “studio curator” would have you believe, his attitude changed as soon as i’d payed and he began to completely ignore me and threaten to charge for his time if i had a question.

THE WORST THING BY FAR however was what happened at the end of my stay. I told the “studio curator” that id probably be leaving about 4months into my stay at which point he tried to convince me that i’d only payed for 5 months to get me out sooner until i proved the dates. My studio was always kept to a good clean standard (I'm a furniture designer) however after telling the “studio curator” i wanted to leave after my 6 months he showed/found someone who wanted my space then without warning told me to get my stuff and go because my studio was messy and i was no longer welcome (there was literally a couple pieces of wood on the flood as i had to rush off that day). I said i would leave but only if i was refunded for the two additional months id payed for. The “studio curator” refused, changed the locks on my studio and made me pay him £420 to get my equipment back. He said this £420 was for bills we’d never agreed on and were 100% pulled from thin air. He threatened to charge me storage if i didn't comply.

I’m 23 years old and this was my first attempt to start off my furniture business I'm now out of pocket for thousands of pounds and was only able to use the studio for around 3 months. The “studio curator” is a conman who will take advantage of anyone he can. DO NOT BELIEVE FIRST IMPRESSIONS.