converting front gardens to driveways

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converting front gardens to driveways

what are the restrictions around doing this ? I have heard it can only be done once per 'house' on a street even if house is converted to flats. but having looked into planning permission websites, it would suggest it does not require permission to do this:

Is there anything specific to poets corner as a conservation area ?

And how do you get the council to lower the pavement level at your entrance ? 


Re: converting front gardens to driveways

Before you go ahead, please consider that paving over your front garden means that unless you use gravel with a permeable membrane it will no longer absorb rainwater, increasing the possibility of flooding.

Other detrimental effects - losing green space and decreasing the amount of street parking for your neighbours.

Re: converting front gardens to driveways

Poets Corner is a conservation area and so you will need planning permission for a crossover. The policy in a conservation area is to oppose the conversion of front gardens to parking lots. 

You have to first off get planning permssion and then, if granted (and unlikely) pay the council to carry out the works. Depending on layout and surroundings the costs will vary a great deal.

Please remember that Poets Corner is about to have a major road danger reduction scheme going in so if I were you I would hold on forking out money (assuming you get permssion) on a crossover only for the road danger reduction scheme to make it unecessary. Check out the Poets Corner campaign.

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