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Complaint about vet

If you are looking for a sensitive and caring vet at brockwell vets, then I suggest you shop around.

I recently made the heartbreaking decision to have my cat put to sleep after her being my family pet for 20 years. I made the decision to have the vet visit the house as i didn't want to stress my cat out by taking her by car to the practise.

However 30 minutes before the vet was due to arrive I was called by the practice to tell me the vet would call in 30 mins. In the next breath the receptionist asked me to pay the bill now. I was shocked at the insensitivity of being asked to pay before my cat was killed. I understand that this is a business and maybe people have not paid their bill but I have a customer for many years, I thought this was extremely insensitive and uncalled for. When the vet arrived she was very brusk and lacked feeling or any sensitivity to my situation.

It took the '‘qualified vet” 3 attempts to inject my cat who was extremely distressed and crying out.

Eventually after my cats traumatic death the vet asked if I had anything to take her away in. I would assume a vet would carry a box but she offered her white plastic carrier bag to take away our family pet!! whilst handing me the receipt for my payment of £311. I may add I wrapped my cat in my jumper not in a plastic bag. The vet whisked her away not even giving me a moment to take it all in.

Even if the vet didn't care she could have acted sympathetically but alas she didn’t, leaving me quite distraught at the fact that my cat didn’t die peacefully at all.

When I picked up her ashes from the vet we made a complaint to the receptionist and told them i would be posting a complaint on these forum.

5 weeks later i received a very defensive, condescending letter of apology. The letter was addressed to a Mr although  I am clearly the female who paid the vets bills.

The letter implied to me that i should be grateful for them to visit on a saturday even though i paid for this service! They even got the sex of my cat wrong and said in a condescending manner about her death "we have all been through it ourselves".

Re: Complaint about vet

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear cat and send my sympathies.

I am very sorry to hear of the experience at Brockwell vets. I am afraid to say we moved our two (now one) cats to another vet because of exactly the sorts of problems and insensitivities you describe. For years our late female cat was always enquired of asking 'he' and they persistently got the age wrong.

This is such a shame because when Jenny and Eric took on the practice there was a fantastic, friendly service. As the practice grew, this level of personal care disappeared. The girls behind the desk were often clueless and there was a succession of locum vets.

We made the switch to Norwood Road vets where Ellie and her team have been very good. When our beloved had to go, at the age of 17, they helped ease the pain of her passing. I know this might be of little comfort to you now, sorry, but if you have another pet I really would recommend you to Norwood Road.

May your little one rest in peace and although it's probably difficult now, remember the good times and the days will gradually get easier.

Which vet practice cares more in Herne Hill?

We recently lost our cat (now safely found again). I called the Brockwell practice and Norwood practice to see if anyone had brought her in. Brockwell were just not interested or sympathetic, made no note of our name or details of the cat. Norwood on the other hand did and said they would keep an ear out for her. 

Which would you rather give your business to? 

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