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Claire Hubbard
Community Supper Club

Hi Fellow Herne Hill Residents,

I'm researching a possible supper club venture and wanting to find out if people would be interested....

A regular supper club for locals which would be a welcoming, relaxed place (especially for solo diners) to get to know your neighbours. I believe food should be a social experience but not eating out with friends in a restaurant we end up eating alone (if single that is). It would not be solo-exclusive as I want it to be open to all so the main focus would be community group eating with cheap eats...think big stews, chillies etc all sourced as locally as possible.    

Would anyone be interested in attending something like this on a regular basis, say once or twice a month? Is £10 too steep for serving this kind of food? 

Thanks, Claire

I think it sounds like a

I think it sounds like a lovely idea; and £10 would be a bargain compared to eating out. 

Claire Hubbard
Thanks Emmaclaire. Will

Thanks Emmaclaire. Will hopefully get a few more responses and look at trying to get it started.

This sounds great - did you

This sounds great - did you start it up in the end?

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