**nanny share available. Wednesdays & Thursdays. Half Moon Lane**

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**nanny share available. Wednesdays & Thursdays. Half Moon Lane**

Hello everyone,

We are looking for a new local happy family to join our nanny & nanny share on Wednsdays & Thursdays. 

Anytime between 8am - 5pm. 

Herne Hill. Half Moon Lane. 

I am the nanny for two 18 month old gorgeous spirited girls.We have amazing fun together. 

In September one will leave us to start nursery. So we are currently looking for a new little playmate. 

I have been part of many very successful nanny shares over the years, which I really enjoy.

We always have lots & lots of fun, out & about & at home. Arts & crafts & imaginative play, story time, but I think crazy dancing is top of the list. 

I am a British nanny with 15 years experience. D.B.S check, first aid & I am Ofsted registered. 

I really do enjoy my role & especially assisting & nurturing in the formative years. 

Over the years I have had the privilege of working along side amazing families with wonderful fun loving happy children. 

Please send me a message for more information & then we can chat. 

Thank you so much. 

From Claire B 

Below are two current references. 

Posted by flashback September 21, 10:13PM 

> I can vouch for Claire being an amazing nanny. She 

> has looked after our 4 year-old daughter for 

> the past three years. We have always been so 

> impressed by Claire's creative ideas for play and 

> intelligent, 

> calm, child-centred approach. My daughter has such 

> fun in her care. Feel free to PM me for a more 

> detailed reference. 

> Posted by Eggman81 September 22, 09:12PM 

> Claire has been looking after our daughter for 

> more than two years and we really could not have 

> asked for a better nanny. We are also moving out 

> of London and already know the whole family is

INTERESTED! Are you still looking for another baby to join you?

Hi Claire,

I am looking for a nanny for my 4 months old son Jake and came across your post. 

Are you still looking for another baby to join your nanny share?

I look forward to hearing from you!



Nanny share still available.

Hello Laura. 

thank you so much for your message, I'm new to this forum & had no idea anyone had replied to my add!!

I am extremely sorry for the delayed reply.  

Yes we are still looking for a lovely family to join us.

Can I give you my number, maybe we can chat tomorrow,

Monday 23rd Octover or Tuesday 24th? 

Call whenever it is best for you.  

Thank you so much. 

From Claire 


*Nanny share still available*

Nanny share is still available.....

We are flexible on hours. 

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