Primary school advice - St Judes & Rosendale

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Primary school advice - St Judes & Rosendale

Hi there

We are a young family looking to move to Herne Hill.

We have 2 young children so we want to make sure we buy in a good catchment area.

Does anyone have any knowledge or advice about St Jude's or Rosendale? I have read Ofsted reports but am keen to get some "real" views on what the schools are actually like, as well as any experience of catchment areas.

Thanks in advance....

Re: Primary school advice - St Judes & Rosendale

I can only comment as a grandmother of two girls, one of whom has just moved up to secondary school from Rosendale and one who is 7 and happy at Rosendale.  There is a newish headteacher who seems to have shaken things up ( in a good way) in an already very successful and popular school. There is a very lively vibe and my daughter loves the fact that parents are invited into their child's classroom for the first half hour of each school day.It is very difficult to get a place so be careful where you move to. Primary places are in very short supply. You need to be very close to the school to be sure of a place. I would suggest you call both schools and ask if you can have a look round. 

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