Seeking a double room in house/flat sharen - zone 2 (SE, E & N)- £900 max (incl bills) -

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Kylie S Hope
Seeking a double room in house/flat sharen - zone 2 (SE, E & N)- £900 max (incl bills) -

One minute I was thinking of getting a mortgage then changed my mind & brought a one way ticket ticket to Mexico; not long returned back from travelling for 17 months in Latin America & Australia; it was definitely a life changer. New friends, beautiful countries & lifelong memories, what more could I ask for?!

Back to the UK for at least 2 years whilst I make plans to live a semi-nomadic life. Currently renting in Herne Hill but it is a short term let only (Jun - end of Aug possibly mid Sept) and I am looking for something more long term. I would be keen to stay in Herne Hill as it is lovely but would also consider other areas in zone 2.

I am looking for fun, interesting & mature flatmates who are happy to catch up when possible however equally respect that flat mates like time to themselves. Dinner parties, drinks & the occasional party but definitely not looking for a frequent full on party environment. I am very social so will have friends stay over and would hope that who I share with is similiar.

Room wise a medium size is needed nothing too small.  I don't have much furniture but do have a lot of kitchen stuff/books so need a decent size house, flat or storage space.  Happy to have a cleaner if flat mates are adverse to cleaning but if not, then I would like to live in a clean's not difficult!  I am looking for a home not just somewhere to live.

Also, I am a dog person so if you do have a dog, then BONUS!! But, if cat's float your boat then I am happy with that too.

I am easy going, work hard and like to enjoy life, nothing too fussy

Note: please do not contact me unless the dates of moving/max rent/size of room suit - they are not flexible

Room SW2

Hi Kylie

If you're not fixed up yet I will shortly have a double room available in my flat just down the Railton Road, you are welcome to come and check it out - I am having it redecorated next week so won't be ready until the week after but it might be worth meeting up and having a chat :)

Please PM me for my mobi, as I can't seem to find that function at the moment ! 

Thanks, Gigig

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