Half Moon pub - how's the food?

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Half Moon pub - how's the food?

We're curious to try the newly renovated Half Moon - it looks lovely from the outside and on the website (though we're still annoyed and disappointed there's no music anymore!)

Has anyone been there for a meal? any good?


good to see first review on

good to see first review on trip advisor, any one else  had food ?


Thanks for this - good to

Thanks for this - good to read. However I'm always dubious of Trip Advisor comments - they are not always genuine, even if they're not 100% positive.

Anyone else? I really hope it's good there as it looks lovely and it'll be great to have a nice pub again :)

Does publishing it here make it more genuine ?

"I was privileged, along with my wife and friends, to attend the soft opening of the now Fullers Brewery owned, much anticipated, Half Moon's new restaurant today, following 3 years of refurbishment. 10/10 for décor and ambience – they have really done a good job on that. 

8/10 for food on the Sunday roast menu: the starters all got top marks, particularly the carpaccio of venison; but less good were the main courses - 10/10 for the beef which 3 of our table had and thought was brilliant, 8/10 for the belly of pork which lacked crunch; but a dismal 4/10 for the chicken which was overcooked, served near cold on a cold plate, and without the promised red wine sauce. Attempts to correct the latter produced a small jug of brown gravy. 

Vegetables were appropriately cooked and the Yorkshire puddings were huge but rather dry for my taste. We were all so full that only the piggies amongst us made room for the desserts, so only the apple crumble and chocolate brownie were sampled and both scored highly, particularly the apple crumble in its individual cast iron terrine with lumps of real apple (as opposed to apple mush) beneath the crumble on which I had substituted vanilla ice cream for vanilla sauce. 

As one would expect in a Fullers pub there were a dozen different beers to choose from and a competent wine list. We went for a bottle of Gavi which was much enjoyed.

The waiting staff were there in generous numbers, all welcoming, attired in aprons displaying a full moon - double what we are entitled to :-) , and keen to be of service. Fullers might want to re-think the cutlery which, although perfectly fine to use, is just as bad as the set we have at home, and has that irritating habit of sliding off the plate and crashing to the ground if the plate is even one degree out of horizontal when being cleared. However the waiting team displayed great teamwork with another waitress zipping in to pick up the fallen cutlery.

So apart from the relatively minor disappointments which are easily sorted – the cold plates apparently were down to failure of one piece of equipment which the installers still have to sort out (remember this was a soft opening so teething problems are to be expected), we had a very enjoyable meal and look forward to returning to a place heading for stardom.

The Half Moon is now more than a pub, it is also a hotel with the addition of 12 boutique bedrooms on the two floors above, each of which has been individually designed, retaining as much of the fabric and spirit of the Half Moon as possible. Whilst I have not had the privilege of staying there, we did have a conducted tour, and would be more than happy to put up any of our guests there. However, I do not think it will be long before business travellers latch on to the fact that it is only 15 minutes from Victoria and a much more pleasant place to stay, and so becomes heavily booked."

thanks for posting your trip advisor review

I never doubted the review as your profile shows you are a regular reviewer on Tripadvisor. I found it a very througher review of all aspects of the pub.

I am also a regular reviewer on trip advisor. I really like it and have always found the reviews on there really helpful.

Half Moon Food

It is beautifully refurbished but the food was very disappointing - bland, over priced and small portions.  Lighter dishes only available in restaurant, whereas the bar menu only had main courses on it which seemed the wrong way round and made working out which part you could sit in for which food quite awkward.  I hope they improve the food as the setting is lovely.

Nice to hear another review.

Nice to hear another review. I did look at the menu and it seemed a bit pricy so it would have to be amazing food for me to visit. 

That does seem odd way to organise things with the food, so can you not just sit anywhere you like then.

Isobel Finn
Half Moon Pub food

As a family (4 inc two teenagers) we eat out a lot at the weekends and try to support all the local pubs and restaurants.  We are incredibly lucky as a community to have some great places to eat in Herne Hill, Brixton, E Dulwich, Peckham etc. so when a new place opens up with some fanfare there is an expectation that goes with it from new punters.  We were really looking forward to going to the newly refurbished Half Moon pub and on first impression it is really impressive in its scale and decor and vibrant atmosphere.  So far so good. The restaurant was fully booked so I can't comment on this menu but we were very happy to have the bar food.  I cannot tell you how disappointing it was.  There is a very modest menu - three options plus a fourth of chips - so the quality should be good given how small the menu is.  The burger was OK, the fish and chips looked good but the fish was over-cooked and had gone mushy inside the batter and my goat's cheese salad with 'chargrilled chicory' was slimey, unappetising and looked as if it had been tipped out onto the plate from a tupperware box.  We were truly excited when this pub reopened and really want it to work but they HAVE to address the bar food options and quality which look like they are the lion's share of the orders on a weekend. We will think twice about going there again in a hurry.

nice to hear your review Isobel.

The last 4 trip advisor reviews are slightly dubious - all first time reviewers and the review very non descript  about welcoming service, great decor and location. 

Dreadful food at The Half Moon

Dinner for party of 7 friends who have been meeting and eating in Herne Hill for 28 years. Lovely decor, wine list reasonably priced. Waitress for our table was very good.

2 of us had the pearl barley risotto with chicken. It tasted as though it was made with Bisto gravy. One person had salmon, which was raw. 2 people ordered burgers but they were off. The next dish they ordered were also off. They ended up with fish and oven chips. The goats cheese tart was acceptable.

Not good enough. It will be a while before I trust the food here again.

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