Looking for Childminder/Nanny share

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Looking for Childminder/Nanny share

We are looking for a childminder or nanny (to share with another family) to look after our 9m old boy from March 2016, Monday to Thursday.

We live on Croxted rd, near the West Dulwich station.

Let me know if you are interested. Previous experience and OFSTED registered essential. Thank you.



Hi there 

we have similar aged boys and we have a superb nanny from March for 5 days a week.  are you interested in discussing or are you already committed to a family?

we live extremely close to Herne Hill station in a great house for children



nanny share

Hi Charlotte, 

We have a great nanny that takes care of our two little girls Tuesday-Thursday. She is looking to take care of a baby for another family on Mondays and then we are happy to do a share from Tuesday-Thursday (8am-6.30pm). We live on Elfindale Road. Message me if you are still looking for a nanny share. She is OFSTED registered and has 15 years of experience working as a nanny in this area.


Hi Charlotte

Hi Charlotte

I assume we're too late for this but we are also looking for a nanny share family and have a great english nanny, lots of expierence etc etc. She currently looks after our 2 yr old daughter Monday to Thursday which seems to fit. If you still are looking then please do get in touch.



Looking for childminder/nanny share

Hi Ed

Did you find someone to share your nanny? I am looking for someone to look after my 9 month old son tue-thur asap. 

Hi ed

Hi ed

If you are still looking for someone, we may be interested in a nanny share mon-thurs from July. 

Let me know

thanks, Anna

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