Have your say - what type of businesses do Herne Hill residents want to see in Station Square

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Have your say - what type of businesses do Herne Hill residents want to see in Station Square

Network Rail are asking for comments on what type of businesses locals would like (or would NOT like) in Square Square.  Please provide your comments here so we can feed back to Network Rail.  

Well I'll have a go.  I'd

Well I'll have a go.  I'd rather not have anything like Oliver Bonas, Fatface, White Stuff etc.

Station Square

Please please please can we not have either a Costa (we have so many great coffee shops already), or a Subway or a MacDonalds.  Please allow some more local businesses to start up.  

Shops in station square

Selfishly a dine in Indian restaurant would be great - really miss 3 Monkeys. Khan's is brilliant if you're in Poets corner, not so easy from Herne Hill road / Ruskin Park area. Would also like to see a fishmonger or a another good quality specialist food shop as they are always popular and take trade. Another good option is studios for artists or for fitness. A restaurant like the much missed Number 22 would be good.

I really hope it's not another hair salon, estate agent or coffee shop (we have enough). Also personally not going to be excited about a Cafe Rouge, Prezzo or Nandos etc moving in, but would rather that than empty shops.

Just to say, in case you're

Just to say, in case you're not aware, there is a fitness studio Fison Fitness in one of the tunnels just by Sainsburys.  It's run by a fantastic local woman, has lots of local trainers and is very good.  And it's not a chain.


Thanks Lizzy, fully aware of Fison Fitness and we're lucky to have it.  Just saying I think more businesses like that would great.

No chains

Not a hair salon, fast food, coffeeshop supermarket, or any chains.

We want interesting shops that keep Herne Hill feeling like a little village. No chains. Instead shops that offer something different - interesting. 


anything which defeats the ceaseless tagging, especially at roof level! (small arms shop?)

more usefully: a fishmongers, or a branch of William Rose, but no more betting shops

Station Square

Agree about graffitti. It is horrendous. Dugard and Daughters are an excellent butcher on Milkwood Road and there is a good fishmonger in Norwood Road. It would be nice if he could move further into Herne Hill. A good (small) Indian restaurant would be an sset. This may be heresy but another greengrocer migh provide useful competition for The Fruit Garden. 

I would be hoping that

I would be hoping that Network Rail would be positively encouraging the previous tenants of those shops to return with favourable rents - I personally was okay with the previous set up of shops (except for the empty fishmongers) but I guess this might not be the case.

I agree with Localresident above - above all we need to retain the individuality of HH and encourage small, local and new businesses.  

We don't need any chains - I think Network Rail need to really take this on board and hear this.  Especially no coffee shops - we have lots of decent places we can already get coffee from and no businesses which are going to run to the detrement to the long established businesses we already have.    A nice independent greeting card shop wouldn't go amiss and please no phone shops - the 6 or so phone shops in Brixton are enough!

In station square...

I agree with the comments above that we're fortunate enough to have plenty of great coffee shops and hairdressers so I probably wouldnt be excited by the arrival of another. However contrary to the comments above about no more supermarkets, I'd personally love the convenience of a Waitrose or M & S food for their ready meals and click and collect options to complement the existing supermarkets and retailers. A good dry cleaner would be really handy.  I'd also love a specialist spin studio similar to pscycle or boom cycle.  Another local restaurant or bar like the milkwood or first aid box would also be great. 

In order of preference:

I want to see first refusal given to previous tenants, at preferential rates which fully reflect the value they've added to the area (and to the value of Network Rail's property) by making Herne Hill such a desirable location.

Failing that, I'd like to see local and / or family-owned business which replicate the businesses which have been evicted, in particular the greengrocer and dry-cleaner. 

Failing *that* I would be happy with any other small local businesses, except coffee shops, cafes, delis, or hairdressers, of which Herne Hill already has plenty.

There should be an absolute prohibition on those spaces being occupied by chains (my personal cut-off point would be anything with more than half a dozen pre-existing locations) given the unique nature of Herne Hill and its longstanding absence of such businesses. 

Unlike the commenter above, I would much rather see the spaces left empty than have Costa or Starbucks move in: if National Rail can't find appropriate tenants at their (presumably increased) rents, I'd rather see short-term pop-up businesses make use of the space until suitable tenants are found.

Pam Robinson
station Square

Keep businesses local and independent and definitely no chains no room for McDonald's, Costa etc 

Independents please

In an effort to nurture and retain what Herne Hill has been fostering for some time I hope Network Rail would look favourably on applications from independent businesses and, better still, from proprietors who live locally.

I would love a whole food / health food shop on our high street.

I'm pleased to have been asked, thank you.

Empty shops near the park

no Starbucks et al please!!!

herne hill is unique, which is why so many people like it. Clothes shops, butcher, health food shop would be good

Herne Hill really needs is

Herne Hill really needs is more affordable stores... the trend of vocal voices has been for well off people to complain about the introduction of a Tesco for example but then wish for a Waitrose, or M&S, which are still chains, but they sell more up market food. The same rhetoric is going on in this conversation: health food stores, fancy butchers, trendy bars for example.

Personally I don't think there is a huge issue with chains, it's about what they offer, sure we don't want a Costa/Starbucks/Nero, but thats because there are 3 places around the station at least to get coffee, not because those companies do a bad job specifically... They still create local employment, and like the independent companies they buy their products in from outside of Herne Hill.

Some practical suggestions of reopening a dry cleaners would be great, we don't have anything like that, a bank would probably be really useful for older generations, but bringing back the stores that left would be number 1 priority, the Ye Olde bakery, a normal butchers, best kebab.

Sorry if these comments are contravertial/upsetting, but I feel it needs to be said.

We're all entitled to an

We're all entitled to an opinion so yours is most welcome, and a balanced view is going to be the most helpful, althought I suspect that the rentals will be very high.  

No more estate agents please!

No more estate agents please! It would be nice to have the butchers back. 

I haven't tried it yet but

I haven't tried it yet but Jones butchers has opened up just past the lido, plus a short walk.  I know it's not the same but I thought I'd mention it in case it's brilliant.

Agreed with previous comments

Agreed with previous comments.  Local non chain shops and services please that compliment existing retailers.  

No chains, absolutely no! But

No chains, absolutely no! But wouldn't it be great to have a permanent home for some of the best visitors to Herne Hill market, e.g. The Brick House (bread), Perks & White (coffee) and Harvey & Brockless (cheese). If Dugard & Daughter relocated that would be great, but they are doing good business where they are. We do need a fishmongers. Oceana is fine, but very limited, and their location is terrible. A good restaurant would be great, but I realise there is very little space in the re-development area. Having said that, a good quality grill restaurant, independently owned (the Best Kebab was fine, but is now around the corner) would not go amiss, and Herne Hill is sophisticated enough to house cuisines from around the world, so why not Korean/Japanese/Indonesian/Balkan/Ethiopian/Vietnamese/Peruvian etc... even if they are just take aways. The main thing I want, having lived in Herne Hill for 30 years, is that the end of Railton Road (now called Station Square apparently) should be a destination for the best food, building upon the amazing impact that came with the arrival of the Sunday market

My beautiful launderette

Can we have our launderette back please? That's what's missing from HH. I'd like to see the butcher and baker reinstalled too. They won't be able to pony up the same amount of rent as Starbucks, so I hope Network Rail can offer preferential rates for indies. We don't have a staioner either -- with somewhere to print documents. Any independent shop would be a benefit. An antique shop to complement Bleu and the junk shop might make HH a desination for those kind of people. What we definitely don't need is a fast food chain, coffee chain or a taxi cab office. 

Stationers or Quick, Healthy Takeaway

I'd love a specialty stationers (I can never seem to find nice cards/gifts in HH when I really need them) or a local restaurant that is good for quick, healthy takeaway lunches and dinners.

Selfishly, I'd love a local Mexican restaurant - takeaway or stay in tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, taco salads etc and Mexican cocktails would be an amazing contribution to the area. I can't count the amount of times I come out of the station with no time to think about what to make for lunch/dinner (especially when I'm working from home), and I have no option but to get something mediocre at Sainsbury's.

Also a place that does proper American-style brunch would be amazing. Avocao on toast, pancakes, French toast, good breakfast cocktails.

Station square

I agree with previous comments that any new businesses should be local and independent. We have more than enough supermarkets and coffee shops and I certainly would not welcome any chains. I think herne hill is lacking good quality affordable restaurants. Everything is either too expensive for a quick weeknight bite or not very good quality. I would love to see a Thai, Vietnamese or South Indian restaurant serving  fresh affordable food. we are also lacking a gift shop. I wouldn't be opposed to the dulwich trader / Rigby & Mac (?) opening a herne hill branch. I was going to suggest a quality wine shop but I'm delighted to see that one has literally just opened! A fishmonger would also be very welcome. 

just to mention...

following on from Lizzie's comment about Jones the butchers - they've been there for a while now but only in the past few years have they made more of a shop front as people used to pop in pick up what they wanted before with no advertising.  We've used them a few times and I would definitely say it's worth a visit if you want/need a butchers - they are lovely and helpful and we also had a fabulous turkey from them a few years back for Christmas.

And I do also miss the launderette! The one on Railton also went just before the one in HH.  

Definitely independent shops,

Definitely independent shops, ideally owned by local people so no Costa, M&S, Pret etc because once one move in, many follow. I would love for Moxons to open up a branch in Herne Hill, we really need a good fishmonger. I hope that the greengrocer and Dugard and Daughters are offered preferential rates on the other side so that they get first dips. I think there are enough estate agents, hairdressers and wine shops but a lovely Indian/Vietnamese/Korean/Malaysian place would be great. I know Fisons does fitness, but a dedicated yoga studio would be on my wish list as would a clinic for complimentary treatments. 

No duplicates please

If you want to attract people to shop in Herne Hill you need to give them plenty of reasons to do it. 25 hairdressers, estate agents and coffee shops isn't going to do it. People need shoes, clothes, gifts, children's gear, hardware etc and they want to buy it from retailers with character i.e. independents and small chains, otherwise they'll head to Brixton, Bromley or into town. No mac Donald's, gambling shops or major coffee chains please. Oh and no services shop fronts e.g. accountants or solicitors- they don't need to be taking up shop front space. Thank you!

needed shops and services

I agree, we defnitely don't need another hairdresser, estate agent or coffee shop - competition is good but we have enough of those.

Shops and services lacking in Herne Hill include a stationer / art shop, a toy shop (bring back Just Williams!), a children's shoe shop (similar to Biff in Dulwich Village), independent clothes shops, a Fara kids charity shop, a good fishmonger (Moxon), a launderette, a gifts and homeware shop (like Mrs Robinson in East Dulwich), a cheesemonger, etc.

The Future of Station Square

Let's start negatively with what's not wanted; for example Starbucks or Costa. From a positive point of view, a fishmongers - could "Oceania" move from its present location? A good Indian restaurant to complete the ethnic mix of cuisines and finally the old launderette should come back.  The unique nature of retail and service provision in Herne Hill is that it is dominated by individual businesses and small scale operations, it should remain that way.  To make sure that this continues means that excessive rents must not imposed by the developers.

Agree with others commenting

Agree with others commenting here; please no chains and please no more coffee shops or estate agents!  These are the things I most frequently spend money on outside Herne Hill; stationery and school supplies; children's shoes; kitchen equipment; clothes. 

Craft materials and repairs

I agree that there should be no chains, and no duplication of existing services.

A shop selling art and craft materials would be good. And a place which would undertake repairs and refurbishment of all sorts of items.

Destination restaurant

I think 99% of us all agree on not wanting chains - McDonalds, Cafe Nero etc.

So what do we want?  Personally I'd love a destinaiton restaurant. I love the concept of "Platform 1" in East Dulwich - its a fixed pop up restaurant - same people running the front end, however the back end (kitchen / chefs) rotates every 3 months. Keeps you coming back again and again - each time a very different, yet familiar experience. It would also bring people from the surrounding area.

Other than that, a nice butcher, fishmonger or cheese shop would be grrrrrreat. 


What's the update on this from Network Rail? - they've asked us but just seen that the work is starting (via twitter) on the arches by Spence Ltd (@spenceltd) - which means that someone must be starting to put the feelers out for tenants.  I just fear that we'll be shut out at the crucial consultation point (similar to Tesco) and suddenly it will be too late to do anything.  Hoping Admin can provide some more info - perhaps local Network Rail would like to meet soem of us lovely folk to talk in person about it - I'd welcome that.

I'm just wondering if there's

I'm just wondering if there's any truth in Greggs and Costa coming to the arches.  I can't see that anyone requested them here.  Not that I thought they'd listen for a second.

If the above comment about

If the above comment about Greggs & Costa are true my head will be stuck in my hands.   It's interesting how we have been asked for our opinion but then heard absolutely nothing.   How do we find out what is happening - for me this forum is one of the only ways to get information and it's all gone a bit quiet.

It was a tenuous source but

It was a tenuous source but it wouldn't surprise me at all.


does everyone think there is enough footfall for a chain to open. I think HH is to quiet for a chain, but don't really know how much these chains expect to turnover, or do they just want street presence. ED is always busy and can see chains going there. 

Sainsburys and Tesco seem to

Sainsburys and Tesco seem to do very well.

Yes, I agree, they both seem

Yes, I agree, they both seem to do well, but another local type store I think would not do well as I think that area of the market is saturated.

I've seen those refill shops in the US - they are quite a good idea, where you take your own containers and fill up on rice/pulses - everything really. About 25 yrs ago there used to be one in Westow hill in crystal palace

I think its really tough to think what would do well, the overheads of running a store are not cheap.

Just to reiterate, Network

Just to reiterate, Network Rail have stated that they will not be letting any of the arches to a National chain. We will need to keep the pressure on them to opt for local buisnesses but they will also argue that they need to get the maximum revenue possible. 

Good luck, I have lots of

Good luck, I have lots of faith in you.

I would love to see a store

I would love to see a store that sells food in bulk along with reusable fully recyclable containers and other eco products (like a refill station for eco friendly cleaning products and shampoo etc). Unpackaged is a company that are trying to set up a long term bulk buying store in London...

Could be a good addition to the lovely bakery, butchet and greengrocer! 

Businesses in refurbished arches

Idealy let the old businesses back in at affordable rents.

Ideally let the old tenants back in at reasonable rents. Also stop increasing rents to an unfordable level for small established businesses. 

Businesses in refurbished arches

I agree that the businesses that had to re-locate should be offered the refurbished premises but they may prefer to stay where they are, assuming this is possible. No chains please. And keep rents at an affordable level for independent businesses. Maybe another greengrocer to create a bit of competition. 

Station Square businesses

I would love to see Perks and White get a permanent space! A good mix of independent shops would be nice. Definitely no big chains. 

Station square businesses

i think we should be expanding the range of shops rather than looking for competition. A good health food shop would really complement the market, especially if it was one of those refill places. We have no stationery shop and not much by the way of somewhere to buy a gift. I always go out of the area to one of the Dulwich trader shops if I need something. 

Dog groomer, coffee and children's clothing

I think we aren't missing a children's wear shop. I'm not averse to a small chain but it would be great to give one of the hh market traders an opportunity to set up shop (box and bees for example) but with additional children's gifts and clothing too from independents?

id also love a really good dog groomers. 

Would be great to see perks and white set up In a permanent cafe too (yes I know we have lots of coffee shops but we drink a lot of coffee here and curent cafes aren't short of business!) 

and to agree with with other posters, a fishmonger would be great. 

station square shops

I know we have a number of hairdressers, but where can pensioners go since Michael Andrew at the top of Half Moon Lane retired/closed? Our local salons don't seem to cater for them and are too expensive. Probably not enough business for a separate shop, but could any of our local hairdressers have a 'seniors' day'?

Station Square Shops


Viv Peyton
station square shops

please no chains! I would like an independent sandwich and salad shop, a stationers, an independent clothes shop, a fishmongers, a butchers. I do not want a Costas or a Greggs. Please support small independent traders and do not hike up the rents. 

Station Square business


it Would be great to have in herne Hill:

- vinyl record shop

- clothing/ lifestyle shop

- deli

- indipendent reastaurants / take away

- cocktail bar

- charity shop

- fishmonger

- everything that keeps The community united that allow people

to know each Other and make New friends


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