Virgin media broadband problems

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Virgin media broadband problems

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with virgin medai broadband?  In the evenings and at weekends it slows down to the poing where it is completely unusable.  Customer services tell me that it is a capacity issue and that it may not be fixed for serveral months.  

So for anyone considering using virgin in the Poets corner area I would advise against it. 

Re: Virgin media broadband problems

Yes - It has just got particularly bad in the last few days

Re: Virgin media broadband problems

There was I thinking that it had got better Wink

I am some distance from Poets Corner up towards North Dulwich station.

My nominal 50MB service produces 52-53 on a good day and 2-3MB on a bad day.

It hit rock bottom at 0.24MB on Wednesday night.

Today it is about 15% down varying between 40-44MB on 3 tests.

I think that we are just getting a load of bull**** from VM customer services.

That sort of extreme variation is IMHO unlikely to come from congestion, much more likely from some sort of failure on part of the network.

I think that such an appauling level of failure is sufficient grounds to repudiate the contract, which I am seriously thinking of doing.

Testing carried out using Thinkbroadband tester

I'm getting my advertised

I'm getting my advertised 100mbps and it seems pretty stable. Have noticed a few laggy latency issues when gaming lately but they are sporadic and don't last long - might be the missus firing up Love Island on catch-up TV or something.

Upload speed is still pretty dismal though. 

Re: Virgin media broadband problems

My day time performance is 50 to 60 Mb  reduces to 1 or 2 at night, but so irratic that i have trouble downloading email.

they agreed to reduce my bill by 50% and told me to ring back in a month.  Said that it was capacity issues and that it was bogged down by legal problems, which is why it couldn't be solved sooner and why they couldn't give an estimated fix time. 

pretty frustrating, but in reality the same could have happened with bt or any other ISP.  keep nagging and get a discount? i'm planning on going back to them and asking for 100% rebate, back dated to the start of the issues which is several weeks ago.

Re: Virgin media broadband problems


pretty frustrating, but in reality the same could have happened with bt or any other ISP.  keep nagging and get a discount? i'm planning on going back to them and asking for 100% rebate, back dated to the start of the issues which is several weeks ago.



The biggest single topic on the Virgin Media Forums is "Speed" with 45,000+ postings. I have managed to locate a few specific to our area (area 21 - Lewisham)

The first two are fairly recent but the third realtes to last year.

As you will see they certainly are amenable to giving out credits if you complain.

My guess, and it is no more than a guess, is that we are seeing the result of the takeover of VM by Liberty back in 2013

and that they are pushing for growth to get the revenue to expand the network and building up these bottlenecks as they do it, rather than what used to be the more ethical (but finacially risky) VM approach of building the network and then seeking customers to fill it.

VM do have a tool to help you improve your speed at

which might be worth a try

Re: Virgin media broadband problems

The issue first emerged in the Summer, and is a result IMO of a combination of two 'free' speed increases in recent years, and the creation of a store in Brixton selling the service to new customers, and BT not keeping up with their prices and speeds.

I contacted them in October 2014 about the issue, it's been getting progressively worse and back then they assured me it would be resolved by the end of January. I called at the begining of February as it got unusable for a week and they informed me the new deadline was July 2015. Since then it's gotten to the point now that at peak time, you can see images loading and you can't stream videos.

This is for one single reason: contention. Virgin has continued to sell their services in an area that is already vastly over capacity, and because of the delays in trying to get approvals internally to buy equiptment, and externally with other services and authorities to dig up roads etc they have been unable to get the issue resolved.

Virgin has no interest in customers if you leave they'll just find someone else. Like you they've given me a 50% discount and back credit for 6 months from January, however effectively I cannot use it at the only times I want.

There is no resolution right now, I escallated the complaint to their senior complaints team and nothing was done, they claim they can't fix it sooner, and that the July deadline could be changed because it's subject to the same issues as mentioned before about internal and external politics. 

I did look to escallate this to ADR but then I wonder if there is much they can do, it's a case that they should have done something sooner, and they should suspend sales in this area until it's resolved.

I have been a customer of BT

I have been a customer of BT for 3 years. I was happy with BT up until a few months ago. The quality of broadband has declined massively over the past few months. I lose connections with my phone several times a day. My laptop worked fine until five months ago and will no longer connect to BT broadband. Now currently I have been using Virgin Media. The broadband package and service really great. The Virgin Media customer support team available 24 hours for help. I am so happy with the Virgin broadband speed and their customer service.

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