Station Square STILL empty?

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Station Square STILL empty?

Does anybody know anything at all about the situation with the vacant shops in Station square!? They have been empty for so, so long it's so disheartening! When Helen Hayes came canvassing a few weeks ago she said she thought some would be filled by Xmas, but that evidently isn't happening... I can't be the only one who finds it ironic that VISA filmed their Shop Local Xmas ad in our wonderful square opposite a whole row of deserted shops!

Surely someone must have an idea of what is going on??

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Station Square

The Forum were told that the Arch Company were trying to get pop-up shops on the site for Christmas, but it appears this didn't work out, from the lack of activity. We understand that one unit has a tenant due to move in next year, but the larger unit on the corner still lacks an adequate power supply - location for a sub station is still being sought.

Does anyone know

Does anyone know when the new Gail's will open and which unit it is going to be in? I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that a chain with over 50 bakeries is truly 'independent' though. 

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Notices in Windows


Does anyone know what the notices in the station square shop windows are about? 

There were 'reports' of

There were 'reports' of squatters in 2 of the buildings. Some High Court enforcers were outside yesterday afternoon, presumably serving notices. If those properties stay empty, this may happen again. That said, if they're asking high rents without toilet plumbing, you can't blame potential retailers staying clear.

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Railton Road Shops

This is just to confirm that the planning application for a new substation in one of the empty units was approved at the end of July. This should allow the power supply to the other units to be brought up to adequate levels for 21st C requirements:

Lark, a gift/homewares shop, opened in one of the units earlier this year.

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