Park View House, Hurst Street, Herne Hill

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Park View House, Hurst Street, Herne Hill

Hi All,

I'm considering putting a cash offer in for a flat for sale on the top floor of Park Hurst (you can't get a mortgage for Park View house as it's a concrete building)

Does anyone have any experience/advice of living in Park View House?


Is the building structuraly sound?

How often does the lift break? The flat's on the top floor! 

Is there anti social behaviour in/around the flats?

I'd be very grateful for any advice anyone can offer.

Thanks, Liddy.

Live next door

I live in Meath House (the building next to PV house) 

I brought it cash and we love the area. You can't beat the value. You're looking for probably an extra 50% for the same sq footage and the views are AMAZING.

There's a BBQ for the tenants and people in nearby blocks on 13th August from Noon - 7pm, it's for residents but if you turned up to scope it out i'm sure people would be more than helpful.

They're structurally sound it's just the banks have had their fingers burnt and look for any reason not to lend which is annoying but does mean you get a cheap flat!

Good luck,



Get a decent solicitor /

Get a decent solicitor / surveryor - current replacement water and other works are standing at £12-£16k per leaseholder. 

Park View House recent repair costs... boiler etc

Hi Liddi, So did you buy the flat in Park View House? Hope you or someone else can help... I am looking at buying a flat in PV right now but seems there are some bills outstanding. I offered the seller the asking price and as we were about to formalise things she reduced the price by £10K as she said there was money outstanding for the new boiler. I asked if there were any other amounts outstanding and the answer was yes: £6,000 from 2018 for communal heating and £300 from feb 2014 for emergency boiler replacement. I got another £5,000 off the price but I'm slightly worried as the seller cannot produce the bill for the £10,000 and £16,000 seems astronomic for a boiler replacement. Lambeth Council say there is only the £6300 outstanding. Please can anyone verify what has been billed (or shortly to be billed) in recent times, and precisely what for? Many thanks in advance!

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