Do you know a good roof repair company?

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Do you know a good roof repair company?

Would love to get recommendations for a good roofer in the area. Need someone ASAP to come and repair damage caused by the recent weather. Thanks!

George Wilson
Roof Repairing and waterproofing

Well, if you are residing in Pretoria, then you may contact ‘Waterproofing-Pretoria’ professionals for carrying out inexpensive roof upgrades and getting rid of the risks of dampness and leakage.

That doesn't sound very local

That doesn't sound very local to South East London : )

Roof Repairs

Having been recommended to us by our neighbour, Russell Perring 07852 972052 came on first calling, repaired our leaking roof the next day quickly and efficiently, fixed a lose tile and cleaned the gutters. A good professional job done at a fair price. Couldn't have asked for more.  A very happy customer. 

Another vote for Russell

Another vote for Russell Perring. Fixed our leaking roof very professionally. He seems to have quite a number of satisifed customers in the Dulwich area.

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