If you need a plumber: Niko is back

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If you need a plumber: Niko is back

Great to have Niko the plumber back from holiday. If I can, I always wait for him to return rather than call another plumber. He’ll always give you honest and highly competent advice, with the aim of saving you hassle and money- and often doesn’t charge a call out charge.  And of course his work is top quality.

So refreshing to have a tradesman who takes pride in their work and does the right thing, rather than try to maximise the money they can get out of you.

His details here: http://www.hernehill.org.uk/services/niko-plumber-taps-n-tubs-whole-lot-more

Dont just take my word for it
for plumbing advise I use

for plumbing advise I use iplumb-iheat.co.uk and thedorsetbathroomcompamy.com

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