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Herne Hill Builders

Hi All,

Just wanted to add a note about TJ Builders who have just finished renovating our house. They did a great job and did the work to a high standard. We were up against a tight timetable (our twins are due any day now) and they worked hard - including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays - to get it all done in time. They are also nice guys and easy to work with - and local to Herne Hill. 

The work they did included new wall insulation, replastering, fitting a bathroom, repainting the whole house, new drains and renovating our old wooden sash windows. Plus they did lots of extras and solved lots of little problems for us, some of which for free. 

Thanks for the great job! If anyone else wants to use them, then call Tony on 07947 413 009 or 020 7640 9796.



Re: Herne Hill Builders

I thoroughly endorse this recommendation !

See you Sat, TJB !

FB Davies
TJ Builders

A note of warning on using TJ Builders - we had a terrible experience with them: they abandoned our bathroom job half finished having pestered us for money throughout the job (which hadn't been agreed in advance). Fortunately we had only paid about 70% when they walked out, but it has taken months to get other firms in to fix and redo their work. 

They botched the tiling (many chips up the edging of the metro tiles - clearly cut using the wrong tools) and we had to get a plumber in to redo some of the piping as it was so bad (visible sink feeds set at totally different levels...). They also failed to consult us before tiling the floor, though we had discussed talking it over before they did it - so tiles are now the wrong way around. Plus they set the shower so low it touched our heads!  (I'm 5"8.)

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