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Mimosa deli

Anyone have any info on Mimosa deli, which has been closed since last Thursday or so? There was a sign on Friday saying they were shut for spring cleaning and staff training and would be open by the weekend, but nothing since then. Any info gratefully received!

I have been told they have

I have been told they have closed permanently.  Also been told that the high rent charged by the Dulwich Estate have at least some responsibility.  We now have two empty shops at this end of Half Moon Lane.  Very very sad. I wonder if there is any chance of Mimosa opening somewhere else in Herne Hill.  I would like to support them. 


Many thanks for this info - yes, it is a shame that Mimosa has closed after so many years in Herne Hill. I feel sad for the staff, too. 

Mimosa Deli

Oh that's a real shame!

I think the landlords in the area need to be more realistic about what rents they can achieve. With these two units plus the ones on Railton Road sitting empty surely they must realise that the current rental rates being asked for are not sustainable, otherwise Herne Hill will end up a ghost town. 

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