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Chimney Sweep recommended- 123 Chimney Sweeps

I've never posted on this forum, but since I used it for the recommendation I thought i would provide feedback. We booked Alan from 123 Chimney Sweep to come this morning.  He arrived early (even in the snow) and the job was really fast and he did an exceptionally job, even though our chimney hasn't been cleaned in years.  I would highly recommend  123 Chimney Sweeps if you need your chimney swept in the Herne hill area. 

123 Chimney Sweeps (Naish and Sons)

We've used 123 Chimney Sweeps (Naish and Sons) since moving to Herne Hill in 1990. Alan (just like his father before him) has always been punctual, friendly, clean and professional. He loves talking about his work, too, and is always ready with advice. I've got no hesitation in recommending them.

1 2 3 Sweep -RECOMMENDED

Hello all,

Another recommendation for Alan and 123 Sweep - Alan came at short notice, and did a fast, thorough and very clean job on my stove and liner. Highly recommended.

1 2 3 Chimney Sweep - Alan Naish

What are the chances, Alan Naish came today to sweep our chimneys at 277 Railton Road.  Walter Naish the son of the founder of Naish & Sons (Founded 1870) lived and ran the family business at 277 Railton Road.  He ran the oldest chimney sweeping business in London which was much in demand, he swept the chimneys of Churchill, Lord Kemsley and many more.  Walter died October 1952 aged 73,  and was working hours before he died in the office at 277 Railton Road.  Walter left behind his wife, 7 sons and 3 daughters, the sons carried on the business which is still survives today through Alan Naish (Walter's was his great grandfather).

As to the chimney sweeping Alan did an excellent proffessional job as ios definitely recommended.

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