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LMC Building Services

LMC Building Services

Please feel free to contact us with any building related enquiries.

We undertake all building work including - kitchen & bathroom fitting, interior/exterior painting and decorating, tiling, plastering, brickwork, carpentry, fencing/patio/garden work and roofing. We also deal with insurence work and house renovations. A handyman service is also available.



LMC Building Services

Fraudulent, dishonest, incapable, and poorest quality of work!!

We have had the worst experience ever with this outfit in every way. Luke has not delivered on a single solitary aspect of what we agreed in writing and has now been removed from our home with barely 1/3 of the agreed job completed. What has been completed is exactly the type of work that give English builders a bad name. He has now taken 2000 GBP of our money for materials that he has not provided and cannot prove proof of purchase in spite of repeated requests. He has lied, been evasive, not turned up, betrayed every deadline and made a mockery of what was once a usable kitchen. We are appalled at the sheer gaul of this guy and would be happy to speak with anyone in advance of them even considering taking this firm on for any works at all. We agreed for him to complete the lion's share of work when went to the states to see my dying mother and left him to do the work. He knew this and failed to complete our flooring and tore our kitchen out for good measure. We returned to an absolute tip and our doors to the rooms we were trying to use to protect our clothing were gone. We now know he removed them to sell them without our consent or the replacement doors in place as he was selling them off for more money. With flooring dust, it went everywhere. We the agreed to check into a hotel at our expense as we could not live in our home for 10 days. Two bulldogs and my wife that is 5 months pregnant! He knew this and still strung us along, dissappeared on numerous occaisions and is now withholding our money with absolutely diabolical work done. We are now over stretched, stressed, and fighting to get our unseen materials money back 5 weeks after the start of a three week agreement.  Not to be trusted in any way!!!! He has many others like us in his wake and please look a little deeper before taking him on.

Lisa ebsworth
LMC Building


im currently experiencing the same problems here in Margate with a builder named Luke Cohen. he recently moved here from south London and I’m trying to ascertain if luke from archieandblueonline is the same Luke from lmc building services- the bad reviews sound like the same experiences i’m Currently having

Be great to be able to chat to anyone who had work done by lmc to see if it’s the same Luke Cohen that’s made a mess of my kitchen





This is probably too late but I suspect it could have been the same guy.  When he done work for us he had been doing lots of work doing a house up for someone in Margate.  Hope you didnt lose too much.

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