Overcharging in fruit and veg shop

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Overcharging in fruit and veg shop

Am I the only person that is consistently being overcharged by the graceless blonde woman in the "Seasons of England" shop? Does she single me out or does it happen to everybody who's been shopping there for years and years? 

I think she does it to

I think she does it to everyone... I just try to get served by others

Will never go there again

Bought an expensive cheese here and when I got home it was covered in fuzzy green mould - absolutely DISGUSTING. on Friday afternoon two tall male shop attendants aggressively chased away a woman who tried to steal 2 oranges. They were shouting obscenities at her and threatening her. It was like something out of the dark ages, a completely unprofessional and excessive use of force  way to deal with someone who stole a couple of pieces of fruit.

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