Looking for regular babysitter

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Looking for regular babysitter


We are looking for an occasional evening babysitter in the Herne Hill area for a 3 year old boy who goes to bed at 8pm. We usually put him to bed ourselves before we leave but we would like to explore the option of a regular babysitter putting him to bed...

Ideally, 18 years+, previous babysitting experience etc

We will pay for cab home.

Please PM or text message if you are interested.




Re: Looking for regular babysitter

Hi, My son is nearly 15 and is an experienced babysitter (for his younger sister who's 11 and cousins who are 4 and 8).  He goes to Dulwich College, is a patrol leader at Scouts, helps run a cub group and has done some first aid training.  He charges £4.50 an hour and we live in North Dulwich/Herne Hill.  He's very good and mature for his age -but I realise he isn't 18+ so doesn't fully fit your brief.  If you are interested I could always bring him to meet you so you can make up your mind then.

Margaret 40
Happy to help

Happy to help. Please see my profile 

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