Speeding on Half Moon Lane

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Speeding on Half Moon Lane

Is there anything we can do to get some kind of traffic calming/speed cameras installed on Half Moon Lane?  The level of dangerous speeding is terrifying; the 20mph limit is a complete joke, I reckon cars regularly reach 50mph or more on the stretch between Beckwith and Stradella.  My neighbour was hit a few months ago by a car overtaking close to Winterbrook; she could very easily have been killed.  Yesterday I saw another car doing the same on the zebra crossing outside Judith Kerr.  And a few days ago a car ran the red light at the Half Moon junction to speed straight through it.  It really is only a matter of time before someone is killed.  So many children use the road and its crossing on the way to school.   I don't even know what the solution would be (speed humps?  Traffic cameras?  Local volunteers with speed guns?)  Any suggestions for how to get some action on this? 

Action on speeding on Half Moon Lane

Lots of people in the neighbourhood are concerned about this. An elderly lady from Carver Road was knocked down a few months ago on the pedestrian crossing at Judith Kerr school by a car driving on the wrong side of the road. I've narrowly missed being hit myself and I now tell my family to look both ways before stepping out on to a crossing on Half Moon Lane - even on the central island. And while it's nothing like as serious, a number of parked cars on Half Moon Lane have been smashed into. Have you tried getting in touch with our Village Ward councillors, margy.newens@southwark.gov.uk and richard.leeming@southwark.gov.uk? Our local residents association has raised the issue with the police Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel, which other streets could do as well. And the Dulwich Society has a Traffic and Transport Committee that might look into it. Perhaps we could also get the issue on the agenda of the next Herne Hill Forum public meeting.

Traffic calming on Half Moon Lane?

One further thought about this: every year Southwark invites local people to apply for funding for community projects under their Cleaner, Greener, Safer scheme. One of the categories they will fund is traffic calming (see http://www.southwark.gov.uk/engagement-and-consultations/grants-and-fund...). Ward councillors make the decisions on what projects to approve in their areas.

Traffic calming and speed cameras on Half Moon Lane could potentially be eligible, but you'd have to be quick: applications for 2019 close in a  week's time, on October 22.

Winterbrook Wanderer
Dangerous Driving Half Moon Lane

I wholeheartedly agree with all the previous comments. As someone who lives off Half Moon Lane,I have witnessed overtaking at great speed across the zebra crossing and also the traffic islands in Half Moon Lane. It really is a matter of time before a pedestrian is seriously injured or killed. Raising this issue with our local councillors is a good way forward.

Speed gun session on Half Moon Lane

You might have seen on the Herne Hill Forum home page that there's a Community Roadwatch session on Half Moon Lane on Wednesday November 21st. You can join other volunteers and a team from Southwark police using a speed gun to identify speeding cars. You'd be very welcome to come along. Meet at the junction with Village Way at 2pm. 

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