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Nanny Share - Herne Hill

Our current nanny share is coming to an end on 1 March after three years and we need a new family to share our brilliant nanny, Catherine. Catherine works for us Monday to Thursday, 7:30 -6pm. While we need Catherine to do the school run from our house in Herne Hill/North Dulwich (we have two girls) the share can be held at either house during school hours. Catherine is English, OFSTED registered, has her paediatric first aid certificate, is insured for our car and is amazing with babies and small children. She really is a Nanny Poppins.

Because we value Catherine so highly, we cross-subsidise the other family's share costs. You get cheaper childcare and dedicated, 1 on 1 care during school hours (8:20 - 3:30).

Ideally we'd like a share for a minimum of three days and the hours are flexible.

Nanny share

Hi there,

We've just moved into Herne Hill and are looking for childcare for our daughter. This sounds like it would be perfect. Would it be possible to have a chat with you about this in a bit more detail? We need someone from 8-6 Monday to Friday so do you think there would be any possibility that your nanny would consider doing the Friday as well if this works for both of us?

Nanny Share

Dear Erin

Apologises I have only just seen this so if you have found someone please ignore! 

Max is 5 months old, and I’ve somewhat been lapse with arranging anything, probably due to the difficulty in finding a good nanny! 

We live very locally Herne Hill off half moon Lane, and days and hours wise we can be more than flexible because I’m yet to tell my work what hours I wish to do upon my return! 

if by any chance you are still looking we would love to meet and discuss, ultimately we’d be looking for something long term that would fit in with the prep school once he hits that age! 

many thanks in advance


Nanny share


I’m sure I’m far too late in replying to this but if by any chance you are still looking for a nanny share I would be really interested. 

I would need 3 days per week from September for my 14month old son. 

Please do contact me if you can help. 

My email is

Thank you. 


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