How do you feel about Lovebox festival coming to Brockwell

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How do you feel about Lovebox festival coming to Brockwell

Hello all.  A group of local residents has got together to start a campaign to push Lambeth into taking a more proportionate and sustainable approach to events in Brockwell Park.  We aren't trying to stop all events, or prevent music in the Park, but we want Lambeth to recognise the scale of what is proposed for 2018 is too large: it will damage the local community, economy and environment.  Field Day and Lovebox are both under consideration.  These will fence in an area the size of the Lambeth Country Show, there will be 40,000 gig-goers a day and the set up and take down time will be three weeks for each.

To find out more about the local campaign visit the website

...and to let Lambeth know if you want them to do things differently sign this pledge...

I'm pretty shocked at the
Done deal?

Is the move a done deal?

I've read somewhere that Lovebox attracts around 40.000 people!

Winterbrook Wanderer
Done Deal? Perhaps, but...

Whilst I suspect the organisers of Lovebox,Citadel & Field Day have been given an unofficial nod by Lambeth, official approval and licences have not been granted. There is growing opposition to what has been proposed among both the local community and our local councilors. It's not too late to influence the final decision and I would urge all fellow Herne Hill residents to make their voices heard by contacting our local councillors. Details are easily found the the Southwark and Lambeth websites. By way of encouragement,this is what I received from one councillor;

"Councillors have asked officers to ensure a fresh consultation on the proposals is conducted with better information, a survey and an opportunity to ensure questions can be raised and answered directly. No decision will be made before this happens. Information will be coming to residents shortly setting out timing and process for the consultation. We will ensure there is a chance for Southwark residents to take part"

So is everybody happy about

So is everybody happy about Lovebox not coming to the park, what are the feelings regarding field day?

Not happy at all.  Loss of

Not happy at all.  Loss of most of park and disruption for three weeks. For many people, the park is their back garden. Shame on Lambeth for depriving people of this amenity. 

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