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September 18, 2018

Is children and young people’s mental health important to you? Are you worried by every day
news that young people are struggling and there’s no money to help them? What would you do if
your child was self-harming or distressed and unable to get help? 

June 8, 2018


Carnegie Library: Parliamentary Select Committee replies on Asset Transfer


May 24, 2018
Sat 9 June, 7:45pm
“The Honourable Member for Norwood” by Helen Hayes MP
Thomas Lynn Bristowe Memorial Lecture
April 30, 2018

When people say that an area has a really strong community it is a tribute to the hard work by countless individuals and organisations. It happens organically, not through some formal design or agreement. Herne Hill has built up a really strong community over the years, great initiatives have created real change in the area. 

April 29, 2018

Ex-Carnegie Community Trustees Back Green Party